Silver Springs, MD

An explosion at an apartment building in Maryland on Wednesday night has left over 30 people hurt and several people unaccounted.

The explosion happened just before midnight at a four-story apartment building in Silver Spring.

Montgomery County Fire Department responded to the scene and evacuated 28 apartments. Around 90 people in total were displaced because of the explosion.

First responders were not able to enter the building at first because of the fire being fed by natural gas. Crews spent time battling the fire from the outside while trying to protect adjacent buildings.

At one point there were over 160 fire and rescue workers on the scene trying to contain the situation.

Over 30 people including several firefighters were taken to the hospital. The injuries to ranged from minor to severe. The firefighters were being treated for minor injuries and heat exhaustion.

Officials say that several people are still unaccounted. Crews will continue their search-and-rescue efforts in the morning once daylight makes the scene safer to search.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Investigators interviewed the residents of the building and found that there were no complaints of natural gas leaks before the incident.

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